Professional Site Development

Commercial & Residential Site Development

Extensive Experience

Conie Construction has been involved in many site development projects, from single family to multifamily condominium and apartments sites, hospitals to schools, government buildings to shopping centers, we have the expertise your project deserves.

Committed to Effective Site Coordination

As a developer or home builder you need great coordination with the entire project team in order to deliver the project on time. The complexities of these types of projects require specialized expertise and confidence that comes from experience. Our on site foreman and Supervisors have been trained to handle all types of site development projects. As a General Contractor or Developer you need great coordination with the entire project team in order to deliver the project on time. 

Part of the Solution

Maintaining open communication with design engineers, city inspectors, and the owner ensures that all work will progress smoothly. If a challenge arises, we will quickly find the most economical solution that will keep the project moving towards completion.

The Right Resources

Our quality of work, extensive resources, equipment, and willing to do what it takes attitude, will guarantee you to achieve an enjoyable and successful site development project.

Safety First

Safety on the job is not negotiable and this is reinforced from the top down. Regular training and inspections ensure that our team and the project that they work on are safe. We are a drug-free workplace with full-time safety director on staff.

Bid Price Guarantee **

You will receive an itemized bid based on the plans provided; the price will be a complete bid of all items on plans in our scope. Labor, Equipment, and Materials


Cutting street for curb typical residential street


Fine grading typical residential street



Bid Sheet

  • Erosion Control
  • Construction Entrance
  • Clearing & Grubbing
  • Demolition
  • Sanitary Sewer
  • Storm Sewer
  • Water Line
  • Water Services
  • Excavation including Embankment
  • Utility Conduits
  • Concrete Curb & Gutter
  • Fine Grade Street & Parking Lots
  • Street Base (Stone, Asphalt, or Concrete)
  • Street Paving
  • Pavement Markings
  • Over Lot Grading & Building Backfill
  • Street Lights
  • Street Signs

Included but not listed

  • Top Quality Materials
  • Use of trench boxes, latter’s Hard hats, ROPS, Safety Glasses
  • Safety Fence, Street Plates, Traffic Control
  • Mark all Manholes, Catch Basins, Sewer Wyes, Clean Outs, Water Boxes, with2 X 2 post with color coated paint
  • Erosion control protection for all storm inlets
  • Clean city streets behind our delivery trucks
  • Full time on site foreman with supervisor
  • Late model equipment sized for job conditions
  • Experienced operators and labors
  • Safety policy including: daily tool box talk and MSDS Sheets
  • Drug Free workplace
  • All pipe testing required for final inspection
  • GPS Grade control
  • Agtek dirt take
  • Drone to fly site and record elevations and take photos
  • Removal of all unused materials and packing trash
  • Coordinate survey staking, for all phases of site work
  • Promptly complete all punch list items

Typical storm sewer retention under parking lot

Spring Creek – rock matting on retention pond

Box culvert for stream crossing

Beulah Park Three-sided structure of Fir Stream crossing 

Night Work

Ashton Crossing

Amberfield – Drainage Ditch

Mount Carmel Nurse Dormitory Building Pad and Parking Lot Columbus OH

Jefferson Ave Apartments Basement Excavation – Columbus OH

Imagine Schools New Entrance Columbus, Dayton, and Groveport OH



Beulah Park Walking Bridge and Three-sided structure of Fir Stream crossing 

Insurance Auto Action Intake Lot Grove City and Lorain OH

Jefferson Ave Apartments Basement Excavation – Columbus OH

Spring Street Parking Lot,  Storm Fech Detention System– Columbus OH

New Albany Commercial Center New Albany OH

Shannon Lakes


Graystone Retention Pond

Ashton Crossing Lift Station, Ashville OH

Blue Church Road Relocation

Deer Creek Sediment Pond, Mt Sterling OH

Hoover Woods, Delaware Co OH

Otterbein Lake – Retaining Wall


Soil Stabilization

Soil encountered at construction sites is commonly too wet, expansive, or weak to meet structural requirements needed to support roads, buildings, parking lots, airport runways, and other load bearing structures. SOIL STABILIZATION is a service offered by Conie Construction to aid the owner and developer in completing the project on time when the weather and soil conditions may not allow completion otherwise.

Portland Cement soil stabilization allows site work to continue virtually year round. Project delays due to wet weather are minimized and reduction in soil permeability will shed additional rainfall, protecting the treated area.

When Portland Cement is mixed into wet soil there is an immediate drying reaction as the calcium oxide hydrates and eliminates water. In fine grained soil such as clay and silt, cation exchange and flocculation reactions occur which improve soil plasticity, workability, compaction and compressive strength. These immediate effects expedite construction operations when soft, plastic, non-cohesive soil will not support vehicles or provide sub grade support for paving operations. Following the drying reaction, Portland Cement begins to cement with soil. These pozzolanic cementing reactions also consume water and produce increased unconfined compressive strength, shear strength, tensile strength, reduced permeability and swell potential.